There are tons of articles on the web on why to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian etc. Not many people consider learning Portuguese though. This is despite the fact that it is one of the major languages of the world.

I want to improve this situation by writing my 7 reasons for learning Brazilian Portuguese. I hope after reading this article you’ll pay special attention to the Portuguese language and maybe you’ll decide to start learning it.

1. Brazil

Brazil is a unique country full of colors with a beautiful climate, a plethora of beaches and amazing landscapes, not to mention the well known Brazilian carnival.

Having worked in a hostel, I used to speak with travelers a lot. Do you know what most of them had in common? They told me to be sure to visit Rio de Janeiro at least once in life. I’m guessing it is not just a coincidence.

I urge you to learn Portuguese to fully immerse yourself in Brazil so as to be on the same wavelength with locals. Also, try to live there for a while like a real Brazilian. It might just be a life-changing experience for you.

2. Brazilian people

I’ve already had the opportunity to speak with some Brazilians and it has always been a great experience.

When I started practicing my Portuguese via Skype, it was a similar experience. The girl I was practicing with was so nice and smiling. I was even a little bit surprised. In my country (Russia), you will hardly ever encounter a stranger smiling at you, let alone giving you a kiss on the cheek when saying hello.

Being more open and positive is just the way they are. Learning Portuguese is a great opportunity to get to know these amazing people and to learn from them how to be happier in life.

3. Brazilian music

Chances are that you’ve never listened to Brazilian music. If so, I highly recommend you to try it. Brazilian music is magical. There is nothing quite like it and it is a particular feature of Brazilian culture.

Just imagine how great it would be to understand the meaning of such beautiful songs and even sing along with them. Recently, I saw a video of a Britain polyglot Olly Richards singing in Portuguese and it sounded just amazing.

4. Portuguese is beautiful

Most people say that Italian and French are the most beautiful languages in the world. Well, of course, it’s a matter of taste. But let’s consider Brazilian Portuguese. It is no worse than the other two, it’s just not that popular to learn. Few have ever heard how it actually sounds.

Brazilian Portuguese is a very melodic language. Brazilians don’t even realize that they are not speaking — they are singing. To give you an example, watch a video of a Brazilian girl speaking in her native language.

5. Portuguese is easy

For those who speak any Latin language, learning Portuguese (such in my case) is going to be very easy. It is very similar to Spanish and if you speak this language well, you’ll understand the majority of spoken Portuguese.

If you speak only English (or another language), no worries, the grammar is not too complicated. After a few months of learning, you’ll be speaking fairly well.

6. Gateway to Latin languages

If Portuguese is your first Latin language, once you’re fluent in it, you can move on to Spanish, Italian or French. After learning Portuguese, you’ll already have the basis needed to learn other languages faster.

You’ll understand how the system of a language works and you’ll notice patterns present in other Latin languages. A good way to become a polyglot, isn’t it?

7. Job opportunities

The majority of people learn languages like English, Spanish, German or French. Knowing Portuguese sets you apart from the crowd which gives you a huge advantage over others.

If you’re working with people from all over the world, Portuguese will be quite useful. It is 6th most popular language in the world.

One could say that everyone speaks English, but this is not always the case. The knowledge of this widely spoken albeit not commonly studied language will come in handy.


These are my 7 reasons for learning Brazilian Portuguese. I hope you found a good reason to start learning this beautiful language.

If you don’t know where to start, write a comment below and I’ll send you some useful resources.

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