It doesn’t matter whether a language is easy or hard until you love it. — Cristóbal Del Castillo Camus

Cristóbal is a language learner from Chile. He works as a historian and he has his language blog which is called

He got involved in language learning at the age of 12 when he moved to the US with his family. He have learned languages such as French, German, Italian, and a little bit of Hungarian.

His favorite language is Polish and that was the reason he started his blog — to keep track of his progress in that language. He blogs in English.

He also has a huge experience in traveling in different parts of the world. His favorite countries are Poland, Hungary, Canada, USA, and Argentina.

On the interview, we talk about language learning, blogging, and traveling. I hope you enjoy it. You can find the questions in Spanish with time links in the description of this video or in English below. The interview is in Spanish.

You can find Cristobal on Linguablog.orgFacebook, and Instagram.


00:35 — Can you talk a little bit about yourself?

01:42 — How did you start learning languages?

06:10 — Is Polish a hard language?

07:35 — What is your strategy when it comes to learning a new language?

12:48 — Why did you start your blog? What to you write about?

17:30 — What are your top 3 favorite countries you’ve been to?

22:35 — Can you give some tip for beginner travelers?

25:25 — What are your plans concerning language learning, traveling, and blogging?

28:42 — Do you want to add something? Maybe a final tip?

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