Today, I am happy to present you a guest post written by Teddy Nee. In this article, Teddy talks about how he started learning languages, what inspires him, and how it all has changed his life for the better. Enjoy!

When we talk about foreign language in non English-speaking societies, many people will think of English language instantly. For a non English-speaking person like me, knowing English is a privilege. Being able to use English on daily basis is more than just an amazing experience. I still remember that I used to play games in English so much, and this is also one way to practice language, through playing games!

I enrolled myself into an international college where I studied in all-English environment with classmates from around the world. Therefore, the type of English that we used was neither British nor American, but Global English. Everyone spoke with different accents and styles, and it was good practice to be accustomed with different accents.

Inspiration to learn languages

Later, I realized that there was a great opportunity to practice foreign languages and I took the challenge to learn foreign languages, as many as I could. My inspiration to learn languages actually comes from the fact that we are living in the era of globalization, where people from different countries can easily have the access to communicate with each other, and companies can do multinational business easier than before.

Knowing more foreign languages has certainly changed my life. It widens my point of view, helps me to learn about other cultures, and gives me more opportunity to have international friends. I know that there are places where you cannot find foreigners easily, however, don’t let it turn you down for learning other languages. At least, we have got internet, and internet is the window of the world. I have talked and became friends with many people online, and I have even met several of them in person.

Universal languages

How do you define a universal language? Which language do you regard as a universal language? In my opinion, the answer to these questions depends on how you categorize the language. For instance, the world’s universal language is English because we all know that English is a very popular foreign language in many countries. If you think of Latin America, Spanish is the universal language because there are more than 20 countries that use Spanish in Central and South America.

Have you heard of a constructed language that was created to be a universal language? I didn’t learn only natural languages, but also a constructed language called Esperanto. Esperanto was created more than a century ago with the purpose of making it as a language for international communication. Thus, it was made to be simple and easy to learn, so that many people can master it quickly, and hopefully, will be interested in using it.

A part of my life

sign languageSince I realize that I have interest in language learning, I cannot stop learning until today. I have been learning foreign language for more than 7 years, and I don’t think I will stop learning languages. Learning languages is fun and beneficial. It has become a part of my life. I wish to be able to inspire more people to learn languages and to know more about this world.

Nowadays, I pass every day using several languages for reading articles, chatting with friends, watching TV, or listening to songs from different countries. Knowing more languages has enriched my life, there are much more things to enjoy than knowing only my native languages. My life mission is to encourage more people to learn languages and make friends with people from different culture, so we can eventually live peacefully side by side.

Author’s bio

fotoTeddy is an avid language learner, blogger, engineer, and a collector. He has a dream to make this world a better place through language learning. Apart from learning languages, he also likes reading and playing ukulele. You can speak with him in Medan Hokkien, Indonesian, English, Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, and Esperanto. Visit his blog at

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