If you get stuck learning a language and it all seems like a boring and tough exercise, consider listening to podcasts, the easiest way to learn a language.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve come across many different shows in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. And today I am going to present you the best podcasts I’ve found so far.

But before we cover them, I’d like to first explain why I consider podcasts to be one of the best ways to learn a language.

3 reasons for using podcasts as a learning tool:

1. It’s easy to do. The only thing you need is to listen actively, i.e. to make a conscious effort to understand the message. You don’t have to do boring exercises, conjugate verbs, etc.

2. It’s practical. You can listen to podcasts anywhere and anytime. It’s better to listen to them during your dead time (when you are busy physically, but not mentally). For example, on public transport, while working out, or doing the cleaning.

3. Podcasts are informative and entertaining. There are podcasts of any interest and taste. You can learn a language while discovering new things.

I use all of the podcasts listed below (except for the Russian one). I already mentioned some of these podcasts in the article about how I went about learning 4 languages in 2 years.

10 language learning podcast in 7 languages:


Actual Fluency. This is one of my favorite podcasts. Kris Broholm started this project to discover the language learning secrets of the most successful polyglots. It’s an amazing audio-resource not only for practicing your listening comprehension, but also to learn from experts in language learning.

I Will Teach You a Language. Olly Richards is a great British polyglot who is fluent in 9 languages. He runs a language blog and YouTube channel. Not long ago, he launched his podcast, and it was a huge success. He also created a course where he teaches the fundamentals of languages learning. On his podcasts, blog posts, and videos, Olly shares his huge experience in learning different languages.

Olly’s course: Language Learning Foundations*


Slow German. The two main advantages of it are that it’s slow and it has transcripts for every episode. In case of intensive learning, even beginners can use it. It’s all about German culture, history, traditions, famous Germans and, of course, about the German language. There’s also a premium normal and fast speed versions for more advanced students.

Authentic German Learning. This is a relatively new, but very ambitious project. Podcasts are represented in the form of slow reading, with transcripts and translation into English. Marco, the author of AGL, has also a YouTube channel. He transcribes and translates into English his most popular videos. The main principle of AGL is learning German in a fun way.


Français Authentique. I started listening to this podcast almost 2 years ago and I still enjoy using it. Johan Tekfak, the founder of Français Authentique, was one of the pioneers in providing authentic learning materials in French. He quit his well-paid job to help people from all over the world to become fluent in French using authentic materials.

In his podcasts and YouTube channel, he explains colloquial French expressions, talks about some cultural features of France, and about personal development. Not long ago, he started to conduct interviews which I find very interesting.

All of the podcasts have transcripts on his website. He already launched 3 courses based on the natural language acquisition theory.

Johan’s courses: Français Authentique Packs*


Italiano Automatico is a great way to learn Italian, and at the same time discovering  interesting things. As the previous one, I’ve been listening to this podcast for many years now.

Alberto Arrighini is a super positive Italian guy with a huge passion for languages and personal growth. Inspired by Johan from Français Authentique he created his website to help people around the world learn Italian without any grammar.

He has his fun YouTube channel and his podcasts on different topics. He also created a course Pacco Motivazionale to help people learn more about the Italian culture, history, and famous Italian people. All of that in Italian with translations into English and Spanish.

Alberto’s course: Pacco Motivazionale*


SpanishPodcast.net sticks to the same principles in language learning as the previous podcasts. It’s about learning a language by using it. The podcast is informative and fun with expressions, cultural features of Spain and more. All of the shows are in Spanish with transcriptions. The language used in the podcasts is pretty simple. There are both male and female voices on the show. I would recommend it both for beginners and intermediate students.

Brazilian Portuguese

Café Brasil is a great podcast in Portuguese to improve your speech comprehension. However, it is not about language learning. The podcast is about how to make the world a better place. Since it a Brazilian show, the topics are mostly related to Brazil.

It’s very professional show, with lots of music, emotions and colors, just like Brazil. It also contains transcripts. Recommended for intermediate and advanced students. There are more than 500 shows online! That’s proof alone of its success.

Português sem fronteiras. This podcast is very similar to Italiano AutomaticoFrançais Authentique, and Authentic German Learning, but this one is in Brazilian Portuguese. This is a relatively new one, but with a huge future. It is a podcast about learning Portuguese through different interviews and articles about self-development. Audio files with transcriptions are on the website. Recommended for beginners and intermediate students.


Russian Podcast is a very interesting podcast that covers so many topics related to Russia and to some other Russian-speaking countries. All of them are in Russian and they have vocabulary lists with the stress marks. If I learned Russian I would definitively take advantage of this. There are now more than 200 episodes, tons of authentic material for you to familiarize yourself with the Russian language.


These were my top 10 recommendations of authentic podcasts in 7 languages. I hope you will deeply integrate some of them into your everyday lifestyle.

If you’ve never before used podcasts as a learning material, I highly recommend you try this out. It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone: to learn a language and to get new ideas. Let’s start learning languages in a fun and enjoyable way!

Write a comment below about the podcasts that you’ve already listened to and let me know if you find my recommendations useful. And share this article to help the world discover these great podcasts!

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    • Je continue à l’apprendre même aujourd’hui, mais je me rappelle qu’après environ 10 mois de l’apprentissage j’ai commencé à parler français sans beacoup d’efforts.

  • Great roundup — thanks for featuring IWTYAL! 🙂

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  • Greetings from SpanishPodcast.net! Thank you for listening to our podcast and to recomend it. Energy and courage to all language students! Good luck! 🙂 — Vanesa y Alex

    Un saludo desde SpanishPodcast.net, gracias por escucharnos y por recomendar nuestro podcast. ¡Ánimo a todos los estudiantes de idiomas! 🙂 — Vanesa y Alex